The Revenge of the Incomplete

Do., 7. Februar 2019, kinokis mikrokino #238
19.00 Uhr depot, Breitegasse 3

Filmstill: A week with Azar
Art and Resistance in Exile

Tara Najd Ahmadi presents a series of short films, which at the same time allow a very personal and quite political insight into the artistic struggle of a female Iranian expat. Ahmadi is trained in Visual Communication and Animation at the University of Tehran, and a graduate fellow of Visual and Cultural Studies at the University of Rochester, USA. For both her artistic work and her scientific investigations she received several grants and awards, in 2018 she held a fellowship at the George Eastman Museum in Rochester.

Artist Talk and Discussion with Tara Najd Ahmadi

A Week with Azar (short experimental documentary film, based on a true story).
Productive Frustration (a short experimental film investigating an artist’s struggle).
Gut Theory (a stop motion animation that explores commodity and cultural consumerism).
Measuring the Level of Resistance (resistance as an everyday life activity, using three of the Iranians' basic foods).

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"Ich setze voraus, dass in jeder Gesellschaft die Produktion des Diskurses zugleich kontrolliert, selektiert, organisiert und kanalisiert wird – und zwar durch gewisse Prozeduren, deren Aufgabe es ist, die Kräfte und die Gefahren des Diskurses zu bändigen, sein unberechenbar Ereignishaftes zu bannen, seine schwere und bedrohliche Materialität zu umgehen." Michel Foucault